Wine consumption in the world is no longer growing

China continues to invest heavily in viticulture and increases the overall production of wine. The consumption stands at 240 million hectoliters, but significantly increases world trade which in 2015 exceeded 28 billion euro
The World Organisation of Vine and Wine presented April 18 at the Headquarters in Paris Some information about “the wine production potential, the budget of the harvest, the market situation and international trade in 2015”.
Evolution of world vineyards: a slight drop of 7,000 hectares
The vineyards continue to grow mainly in China and New Zealand. In contrast, the vineyard area of ​​the European Union continues its slight decrease (-26 thousand hectares between 2014 and 2015). Spain remains firmly in the lead with regard to cultivation, with more than 1 million hectares (1.021 million hectares), ahead of China (0.82 million hectares) and France (0.78 million hectares).
World wine production: an increase of 5.8 million hectoliters
World production of wine (excluding juice and musts) has been relatively strong in 2015. In fact, it reached 274.4 million hectoliters, ie +5.8 million compared to 2014. With a production increase of 12% compared to ‘ the previous year, Italy is the world’s largest producer (49.5 million hectoliters), followed by France (47.5) and Spain (37,2l). The United States has recorded for the third consecutive year, a high level of production (22.1 million hectoliters). In the southern hemisphere, production (excluding juice and musts) is falling in Argentina (13.4 million hectoliters), an increase in Chile (12.9) and stable in Australia (11.9). Production is falling slightly in South Africa (11.2) and China (11).
World wine consumption: slight growth in 2015
World wine consumption in 2015 is estimated at 240 million hectoliters, slightly up (0.9 million hectoliters) from the previous year. Consumption is stable since the beginning of the economic and financial crisis of 2008. The United States, with 31 million hectoliters, confirmed their position as the world’s largest consumer. The consumption is relatively stable in Italy (20.5) and in Spain (10), while continuing to shrink in France (27.2) compared to that of 2014.Il level of consumption in China is estimated at 16 million hectoliters, in slight growth (+ 0.5 Mio hl) compared to 2014.
international trade: growing in terms of volume and value
In 2015 world trade in wine has grown compared to 2014 in terms of volume (+ 1.8%), reaching 104.3 million hectoliters, but especially in terms of value (+ 10.6%), standing at 28 , 3 billion euro.
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