• Imports of wine in the US grew by 20% in euro to 5.06 billion euro. in US dollars become 5.6 billion  and no longer grow. So all the growth comes from the depreciation of the euro.


  • The leadership of the market remains Italy, with 1.6 billion euro (+ 20%) and 31.5% of total imports, which “splits” in about 1.3 billion of bottled wine exports euro, 34% of the total, 20 million bulk wine (8% of the total) and about 250 million of sparkling wine, 27% of the market where it is not hard to imagine the French rule (570 million, 62% of the total).


  • France at 1.4 billion Euros shows a slightly better performance than Italian, + 23%, entirely due to the greater weight within this number of sparkling wines, which for us and for the French grew by about 30% compared to 2015.


  • Third largest exporter in the US remains Australia, that finally stops the downward trend also helped by exchange rates, to 414 million euro. Despite the absolute values ​​are better, the market share continues to fall, dropping to 8.2%. As you can see from the chart, the one who loses Australia earns New Zealand, which reached 338 million euro, + 32%. Along with Italian, French and Portuguese New Zealand is the only importer in the USA with an increase equal to 5 years more than 10%, + 17% to be precise. Growth also based on the boom of bulk wine shipments; Curiously, bulk wines NZ are the most important in the US, about 25% of the total and 18% of the value imported from the country. Equally curiously, they have taken the place of the Argentine and Chilean wines
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